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Psychosis Risk Outcomes Network

ProNET is an international study involving 26 research sites in the U.S. and abroad! We aim to improve the ability to identify youth at risk of psychosis and better understand why some young people develop psychosis, and others do not. In addition, we want to improve treatment for youth at risk for psychosis using a combination of clinical interviews, biomarkers (EEG and MRI), genetics (blood and saliva samples), and cognition and neuropsychological testing. If interested contact


The UCLA IRB has approved this study (#21-000292)

Family Treatment Program

UPLIFT is a family treatment program for teens and young adults (ages 12 – 25 years) who struggle with thinking, mood, and daily functioning – what we call psychosis risk syndromes. Contact:

Group CBT

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Skills groups for parents and teens at clinical high risk (CHR) for psychosis or mood disorders.



Group CBT

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy

Groups for teens at high risk for mood disorders or psychosis. Mindful Parenting for caregivers of teens at high risk for mood disorders or psychosis.



Program Co-PI and Contact: CAPPS Supervisor Danielle Denenny, Ph.D.


Adolescent Brain Behavior Research Center

Here at the UCLA ABBRC, we carry out research studies focused on understanding how the brains of adolescents and young adults grow and change over time, and how that relates to changes in cognitive function (like memory or attention) as well as how it relates to changes in the kinds of symptoms that young people sometimes experience. 

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