Dr. Carrie Bearden Highlighted Among Over Three Dozen UCLA Faculty in List of World’s Most Influential Researchers

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Accelerating Medicines Partnership® Program in Schizophrenia Launches New Website

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UCLA Semel Institute scientists and colleagues awarded $52M NIH grant to study schizophrenia risk–sa091520.php

Dr. Bearden Featured in A Salute to 100 Trailblazing Women in Health

Our first press: The Napa Valley Register released an article on our #Research4YoungMinds fundraising challenge…

Dr. Carrie Bearden’s featured talk on psychosis early detection and intervention and UCLA’s Depression Grand Challenge  

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Brain Waves Q&A about the power of early psychosis intervention with CAPPS Parent Hilary Maybank…

How CAPPS Helped My Daughter: A Testimonial

Carrie Bearden and Eleazar Eskin receive new funding from the NIH as part of a global initiative to pool data about the human brain. The Enhancing Neuro Imaging Genetics through Meta-Analysis (ENIGMA) consortium unites brain researchers in 33 countries to discover factors that help or harm the brain.…

KCRW interviews Dr. Carrie Bearden regarding the early identification of young people at risk of developing thought disorders and treating them preventatively…

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Take Two, featuring Dr. Carrie Bearden…

Brain and Behavior Research Foundation: “Discovery to Recovery: A Path to Healthy Minds”

Risk and Vulnerability for Mood Disorders in Teens by Carrie E. Bearden, Ph.D.

April 30, 2013, Luxe Sunset Hotel, Los Angeles

UC Davis MIND Institute: Special Event Lecture

Social-Emotional Development in 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome: Psychiatric Risk Factors

Brain and Behavior Research Foundation: “THE TEENAGE MIND: WHAT EVERY PARENT NEEDS TO KNOW”: Presented by the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation in partnership with Sage Hill School

Risk and Vulnerability for Mood Disorders in Teens by Carrie E. Bearden, Ph.D.…

Brain and Behavior Research Foundation: NARSAD Grantee Identifies New Pathway to Treat Schizophrenia…

Brain and Behavior Research Foundation:  25 Years of Outstanding Schizophrenia Research: The Lieber Prize

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Guthrie, Julia (September 7, 2004). A family’s journey to madness and back: Son’s schizophrenia spurs parents to raise millions for research. San Francisco Chronicle.…

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Wheeler, Mark (April 6, 2007). Lithium Builds Gray Matter in Bipolar Brains, UCLA Study Shows. UCLA News.