Jamie Zinberg, M.A.

Administrative and Psychosocial Treatment Director

Ms. Zinberg serves as CAPPS’s Administrative Director, coordinating research operations at CAPPS, overseeing data collection and management.


She is also the Treatment Director at CAPPS, supervising psychosocial treatment and case management of youth at high risk for psychosis and their families.


Her current work is focused on engaging Spanish-Speaking families at CAPPS and delivering culturally informed Transdiagnostic Cognitive Behavioral Skills Groups and Family Focused Treatment in both English and Spanish.


Ms. Zinberg is primarily interested in exploring the influence of family factors on the development and exacerbation of prodromal and psychotic symptoms. This involves investigating the impact of families’ behaviors on an individual’s symptoms and functioning.


Additionally, she is interested in formulating and testing early intervention strategies related to the idea that prosocial family and interpersonal factors can be enhanced in a way that attenuates the course of a psychotic illness.


Ms. Zinberg completed her Master’s work in clinical psychology at Columbia University.